Ubuntu Certified Hardware

Ubuntu Certified Hardware

InoNet & Canonical partner for seamless Edge AI deployment 


Empowering seamless Edge AI deployment with reliable hardware

The last thing you need is another compatibility surprise when using software stacks on your IPC. Ubuntu Certified Hardware is tested for reliability and performance, ensuring long-term compatibility and continuous security updates with Long Term Support (LTS) to minimise your integration risks and accelerate the time-to-market of your projects.

Together, InoNet & Canonical are set to deliver a robust platform for deploying IIoT solutions, introducing cutting-edge Ubuntu certified computers.


Why pre-certification reduces risks

Our Ubuntu Certified systems are rigorously tested by Canonical to ensure their compatibility with Linux. Risks are reduced by not only validating the image but also conduting regression testing on real hardware to ensure the image’s compatibility with every minor release. Canonical's QA team conducts thorough hardware tests, comprising over 500 assessments. This comprehensive testing process ensures that every component and feature of the operating system is checked and verified for compatibility and functionality. Customers can be assured that their software stacks will operate as per Ubuntu specifications. 

About Headshot Example Concepion-tXf-L-v3-10Gen_front-side-ohne Antennen
About Headshot Example Concepion-tXf-L-v3-10Gen_front-side-ohne Antennen
About Headshot Example Canonical_10Jahre_Schild
About Headshot Example Canonical_10Jahre_Schild

Long-term security updates & support 

Canonical ensures Long Term Support for up to 10 years. Conducting continuous hardware testing throughout the entire lifecycle of the certified Ubuntu release, enables precise quality control for each update, ensuring optimized experience. Prior to the release of any minor update, they validate functionality and ensure continued reliable operation. Additionally, hardware drivers are integrated into the Ubuntu kernel for ease of use and compatibility with subsequent kernel updates. 


Accelerate Time-to-Market

With Ubuntu Certified hardware you can reduce operating system development and support costs. Canonical uses official Ubuntu software images that are fully compatible with the validated system on which they are installed. They can be trusted to work reliably. The integration with Ubuntu also grants access to a vast ecosystem of open-source software packages, saving time and reducing development costs by eliminating the need for custom software solutions.

To the product

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What is included in the testing process?

The testing covers various aspects, including audio, Ethernet, wireless connectivity, Trusted Platform Module (TPM), Bluetooth, USB functionality, firmware, power management, Wireless Wide Area Network (WWAN), media card compatibility, memory, and CPU performance. This comprehensive testing process ensures that every component and feature of the operating system is checked and verified for compatibility and functionality.

How often are updates released?

Approximately every three weeks, Ubuntu issues Stable Release Updates to maintain a secure and reliable user experience. The Hardware Certification team meticulously tests these updates to ensure seamless compatibility and optimal performance with Ubuntu on various systems.

Our Proven Process


Choose our pre-certified system

Currently the following systems are pre-certified: Concepion® tXf-L-v3.

We are working on adding further systems to this list. The pre-certified systems can be futher configurated to fit your needs. You can find the possible options on our product page or in the datasheet. 


Get an offer 

Our experts will contact you as soon as possible with an offer for your system. They will be happy to advise you if you have any questions.



When you are happy with your configuration and our offer you can order the systems from our experts. 


Production and delivery

We manufacture your systems to high quality standards at our site in Taufkirchen and deliver them to you or your customers on the desired day.

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